Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Still Love Playing With Textures

I have been looking for the right pink texture for awhile.  I hadn't used textures for a few weeks and I am always looking for a certain shade to get just the right look for a photo.  Here is the first photo edit just the color as shot.

This is the little sweetheart I babysit and it seemed ideal to do a focal black and white on the toy where all the color was coming from.  We had all the lights off so she could see the toy and it was giving her face a really nice glow.

Then I applied a pink texture from Kim Klassen called reverie and there was the pink I was looking for!  See how pretty it lights her face. 

Which edit do you like?
Left to right: regular color, focal black and white, or with the pink texture?

With such a good subject it is hard to take a bad photo.

In this last photo to give it a little more texture, depth, and a vintage feel I added one more texture called enlightened at 60% on multiply, I think.  Texture by Kim Klassen.

I will join:
Kim Klassen  for Texture Tuesday