Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Textures and Their Effect

I have been using textures a lot.  I have been noticing how they can take a normal photo and give it a whole different look.  Here I have added a texture and given this fern a whited out effect. I am seeing this a lot on blogs. 

In this photo the texture gives it a dream like quality.

In this black and white photo a texture added enhances the emphasis of aging the photo.

Here, I also added a texture and it gives the quality of sand or the beach to the subject.
I enjoy playing around with the editing and hope I can learn more along the way.  
All textures from Kim Klassen.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have been working in baby steps to learn some editing in Photoshop.  There is so much to do to a photo in Photoshop.  I know photographers that say they will never learn it all.  So dive in and get your feet wet, with a small bit of skill you can create some amazing results.   This photo was given a final edit by adjusting the levels in Photoshop and applying a layer of texture under multiply at 100%.

This was the before edit that I created in Picasa.  I am more comfortable working in Picasa so, I start with my photo there and then move over to Photoshop if I want to do more editing.

This photo with the final edit in Photoshop.  I applied a layer of texture under multiply at 40%, and before that I adjusted the levels to white it out a bit.

Here the photo before edited in Picasa.

And, last this photo also had a final edit in Photoshop.  I adjusted the levels and then applied a layer of texture at 100%.

Here the photo was before, edited in Picasa.  The texture used was Silence by Kim Klassen.
I am trying to get more skilled at the editing to create art with my photography.  It is a lot of fun, even learning in baby steps.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creating a Collage Banner

If you are wanting to create a banner out of your photography, I know where you can get a great tutorial on doing that.  Brenda over at Cozy Little House made a great tutorial on how to do this and I use it to make my banners.   Just follow the link to get started.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tea Cup Love

I have been enjoying photographing tea cups.  They are so charming.

This post is from my photography blog.  I am on a creative journey and this is where it is taking me.  I will post here with very little words, I want this blog to be more visual.  The top photos are my newest and the bottom are the oldest.  Learning Photoshop, it is new to me. 
Thanks for coming by.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Welcome to my photography blog.  I strive to make all my photos beautiful images and I wanted to create this blog for the more artistic edits of my photography.  More to come stay tuned...